How to To Make Your Website Look better!

The first thing I want to do is to establish in your mind the need for your own website.

So I’m asking I’m answering the question why you need your own web site.

Number one reason why you need your own web site.

It’s about control.

How many of us drive we have a car yet we get on the bus.

Why do we need a car if we can always get on the bus.

Because sometimes you want to go straight to a destination you don’t want to go on the bus because the

bus has to stop at so many bus stops and you want to avoid that because you are under time constraints.

The feeling of being in control when you drive your own car instead of getting on the bus is the same

feeling you’re going to have when you have your own website.

You’ll be in control of what happens in your business or to your business.

The second reason why you need your own website and this is probably even more important than control

is that when you are on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn and any platform as your primary place of business

when they make changes and they do update their Web site the Chengde algorithms that make so many changes

at different times those changes can actually be detrimental to your business because those changes

do not have you in mind

It has their own vision in mind or their own strategy in mind.

And when those changes come you could find yourself being really out of pocket.

So therefore the third reason why your own website is that you can maximize your cash.

Nobody can tell you what to do on your own websites.

Is this legal.

Of course nobody could tell you what to do so you can maximize your own products on your own website.

And the fourth reason why you need your own website is because of creativity.

If you want to start putting out your content with videos or you want to put out content that has links

on it you want people to click to five lanes or ten links whatever it is you can do that you can use

your own web site to learn how your marketing is really working or not working without your own site.

You lose out on the ability to be creative and the ability to learn.

And these are four major reasons why you need to have your website with an introduction Opah persuaded

you that even though you should keep your Facebook page and your YouTube channel you should be on Instagram

or Pinterest or whatever else will come out after all that.

But you must have your own website.

In this lecture we’re going to talk about getting together a design brief and so we understand why it’s

so crucial to get a design brief.

I want to illustrate this by sharing with you an experience I had a few years ago.

Normally when we wanted to do designs we just screen got somebody and we said we want to do a fly or

we want to put together a magazine and the person would say OK many pages is the magazine and we’ll

tell them what it is and we’ll send them the text for the magazine and they’ll put together a magazine

and then we have to go through it and then add details and then change the colors and then you know

really just go through a complete change from one sentence.

But then we began to use one company which was a well-known brand amongst the biggest companies even

though they will work with small businesses but they generally work with big businesses.

Do you know when we call them up and we say one wanted to design a flyer.

They said to us how long we want to have a meeting.

For us to find out about your company about your business about your vision about where you’re going

in the future before we can even sit down to design a flyer.

And I thought that was a complete waste of time.

But you know what.

When they came to see us we sat down and they asked loads of questions and then went away and then began

to work with us by first designing a flyer for us the flight wasn’t exactly what we really really had

in mind.

In fact the produced a fly are better than what we could have ever requested.

What’s the difference between the two companies one works professionally you know that one does.

Now when it comes to design the website I want you to understand that most web designers are going to

ask too much.


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