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Online Colleges In Florida

Founded in 1881, Stetson University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the state and is the only college in Florida with an online degree program. Sources: 7


Florida State College in Jacksonville offers students many bachelor’s degrees to choose from. Many of these programs are offered online to students, making them one of our leading online colleges in Florida. Students at the FSCJ can enroll in many different courses offered by the university. Sources: 6

Baptist College of Florida students can choose from a variety of educational programs offered at this online college. Baptist College offers students an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and graduate program. All courses and programmes are available in an online format. Sources: 1, 6

Students can choose from more than 20 bachelor programs in the fields of business, leadership, technology, science and communication. Students can supplement their degree with a minor in one of nine subjects, including German, sociology and business administration. Associated courses of study are also available, including in the subjects of music, Christian education and divinity. Sources: 1, 9

University of Central Florida Location: Orlando, FL Study and graduation rate: 73% View school profile Based in Orlando, UCF offers several flexible bachelor, master and doctoral programs. Palm Beach Atlantic University Location: West Palm Beach Study and Graduation Rate: 53% View School Profile The University of Palm Beach offers graduate and bachelor programs for students seeking education in sought-after areas. Sources: 2, 9

In addition to online study and certificate programs, the school offers 5 online degree programs that provide full access to degrees for sought-after students from around the world. The best online schools in Florida Some offer dual degree programs, but not many offer such a wide selection as the University of Florida Online. Bachelor students can choose between programs in the fields of digital media, communication, business administration, organizational management and ministry. Sources: 2, 7

Online colleges in Florida have the same rigorous curriculum as their campus counterparts. Online learners get the same academic opportunities as students on campus. Because online programs include asynchronous courses, many distance students have to work full-time or part-time to earn their degree or certificate. Sources: 9

Saint Leo University has a robust online college, and the many courses offered to students online have helped make it one of our leading online colleges in Florida. Seminole State College of Florida offers many degrees, programs and courses to students enrolled in the online college. Sources: 6

Pensacola State College, one of the best low-cost online colleges in Florida, offers online courses for students in all of its eLearning departments. The University of West Florida is one of the leading low-cost online colleges in Florida for students and doctoral candidates. For students, the university offers six online programs, including the RN, BSN- and BA-programs, exceptional student education, maritime studies and BS programs in clinical and laboratory sciences, health sciences, and teaching design and technology. Sources: 4

There are even more opportunities for students with tertiary qualifications, and they comprise nineteen different programmes with over 30 specialisations. In addition, there are more than 20 online programmes for students and graduates designed to increase the marketability of students. In addition to the 6 virtual bachelor programs, West Florida offers 19 online graduate programs, a fact that ranks it among the best online colleges in the state. Sources: 4, 7

The College of State College of Miami-Florida has eight campuses and 21 outreach centers in Miami-Dade County. Students must adhere to the Baptist College of Florida site in Graceville, Florida, and a professional, faith-based code of conduct. Everglade University is an accredited private, non-profit university offering undergraduate and master programs. Sources: 2, 5

Students can choose between three associated courses and 15 bachelor courses, for example in the fields of education, ministry and psychology. Graduates can choose from one of the three master’s programs in Christian Studies, Counseling, Music & Worship and Leadership at the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville. Sources: 2

Northwest Florida State College Location: Niceville Study and Graduation Rate: 35% View School Profile Based in Niceville, Florida, Northwest Florida State offers partner and bachelor programs in a hybrid online format. Sources: 2

Florida Gateway participates in the Florida 2 + 2 system and has additional transfer agreements with six institutions, including Bethune-Cookman University, Florida A & M University and the University of North Florida. The program offers a unique opportunity for students who do not have access to the University of Central Florida and its impressive courses. Florida Gateway also offers discounted tuition nationwide for students studying online. Sources: 0, 5

Non-resident online learners pay more than students in the states, but less than other foreigners. The cost of tuition at Tallahassee Community College is the cheapest online college in Florida. Sources: 0, 3

Tallahassee Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and awards degrees to graduates. The online program at Tallahassee Community College wins prizes for the sheer number of students participating in its programs, excellent teaching quality, and well-managed online presence. It has an outstanding degree in arts that is transferable to any school in the Florida state system and is considered to be completed at many colleges and universities in Florida that accept a lower-level degree. Sources: 3

The University of South Florida is a huge school serving over 50,000 students. The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University website is a non-profit, independent institution offering undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programs. Sources: 5

St. Petersburg College is one of the most comprehensive options for students looking for a first-class, low-cost online college in Florida. Many students today are professionals, veterans, and single parents, but with change and the growth of distance learning, the stigma of earning a degree has diminished. There are countless reasons to go to school in Florida, from beach weather to outdoor recreation, and there are many reasons to enroll in an online bachelor or master’s program at one of Florida’s many universities and colleges.



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