How to make an animated gif – Perfectsearch – (2021)

how to make an animated gif

Create an animated GIF – it’s so easy

Animated GIFs are instant attention-getters! These flashy ones are much easier to create than most people think. Even novice users can do it quickly with the right tools.

The Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIF, is found all over the Internet. Whether it’s a short video clip on social networks, a funny movie in a Whatsapp chat or an animated sequence on entertainment sites, this graphic format has it all: a GIF allows for the compression of multiple images and image transparencies into a single file without loss of quality.

The predefined image sequence of an animated GIF is played back by a suitable graphics program or a web browser as an animated movie sequence. In this article we show you how to create an animated GIF yourself, so that you can quickly use your own animations in GIF format. After all, GIFs are not only suitable for entertainment purposes. You can also use an animated GIF to explain your products, for example in the form of a short assembly instruction.

Create an animated GIF – basic knowledge: color, image size, transparencies

– Online tools
– Available on the web: Giphy GIF generator
– Desktop tools
– Create an animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop
– Create a GIF with GIMP
– Free applications for smartphones and tablets
– Giphy CAM
– GifArts
– ImgPlay
– GIF Maker

Color values, transparencies and image size of a GIF

Creating an animated GIF yourself is not rocket science. But before we get into the different possibilities of creating a GIF, we need to talk about some basic knowledge that is required. As mentioned earlier, an animated GIF can be created by inserting several images and performing a delayed playback. This file format is therefore capable of displaying looping animations as well as providing sequences of images limited to a defined playback speed.

Color palette in compressed format