digital marketing strategy framework
digital marketing strategy framework
Digital marketing is a powerful asset for any business. It’s the best way to reach new audiences and create brand awareness. Every piece of content that you publish should be geared toward building a social media audience.
While SEO (search engine optimization) and content creation are both highly important, social media engagement is increasingly becoming a necessity to reach new audiences. Without it, your content will be limited to those who already searched for your brand.
Here’s a social media marketing strategy for you to consider:
Picking a few key social media channels to focus on
Choosing which posts to include in your social media schedule
 fragmented and overall, it is difficult to  re-promote yourself. It is also difficult to keep your social media channels consistent. Since you can’t be present
Every day, I see companies choose to focus on one social media channel. Some days, they may publish content on their blog. Other days, they may only have time to tweet. And then there are those that focus on creating multimedia content—but only for one day each week.
If you want to see consistent engagement and attention from your social media channels, you need to invest in variety. A successful social media strategy should involve a combination of all five methods mentioned in this article.
How to choose which social media channels to  focus on
While it’s your choice to focus on which social media channels, it’s important to consider what’s available to you. What platforms are popular among your potential audience? Which ones will you be able to influence or control?
creat the right social media tube for your business is a right act. You want to focus on channels that are representationally relevant, meaning that they accurately reflect your company’s image and brand. At the same time, you don’t want to focus on irrelevant channels.
Once you’ve determined that you need to  focus on a social media channel, the process of selecting which posts to include in your schedule becomes easier. You can choose the time-based posts that  provide the best opportunity for your business to be seen, as well as content that will keep your followers interested and engaged.
It’s also important to consider which days you want to post content. Some days, you may want to post only one piece. Other days, you may want to post several pieces. The day-long burst of activity may be more conducive to getting attention than a longer single posting session.

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